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Wedding weight loss

I’ve lost 24 pounds in 26 days and I’m so pleased and amazed at the results. If you need to lose weight or just need more energy, I urge you to check this out.
It’s called YP10 and you eat all natural food that you prepare. It’s all natural and worth it. You’ll gain a whole new attitude toward food.
Check it out at and use the code “loseitnow” for a discount!


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Maine Wedding DJ website


If you’ve never visited my website, I invite you to have a look around:

Thank you!

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Technology and Weddings

Whoever will be meeting with you regarding your wedding planning and entertainment better be savvy when it comes to technology! They should be proficient in computers, digital media, audio processing and more. If technology fails in a “live time” environment, you shouldn’t be aware of it as a client.
My background in broadcast for the NFL and MLB taught me how to put out fires during live broadcasts, and more importantly when to light one if needed.
Looking for a Maine Wedding DJ?
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A Maine Wedding DJ

There are so many options for your wedding. Maine weddings are so unique that they can’tbe compared to others. Whether you’re getting married at the Maine State YMCA, Great Diamond Island or Vinylhaven, there are many themes to include. What do you love?

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A $500 DJ

How did you come up with your entertainment budget? Was it a priority for you? Are you expecting top of the line entertainment for a 1990’s price?

I used to charge that amount for a wedding reception, 15 years ago! So, what has changed? My level of talent and sophistication. I invest a lot of time and effort practicing my craft so there won’t be any surprises. I can’t say the same for most “dj’s”.

Watch out for fancy sales pitches. If they promise the moon and stars for you special day….for $500? RUN!

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DJ meetings

If you’re going to hire a DJ, meet with them personally. If they TELL you what they are going to do for you…run. Dj’s are not magicians and they don’t make good times magically appear. This is hard work and it’s not to be taken lightly.

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